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Hess Kim began her yoga practice with a simple physical curiosity and soon discovered it to be a grounding force in her life. An eternal lesson on mental flexibility, strength and compassion she uses it to connect with the symbiosis between breath, body and mind. 

Over the years, she has explored various disciplines of yoga and upon finding the work of Alison West and Deborah Wolk, she began her study of structural and alignment based yoga and yoga for back care. As an endurance athlete enthusiast, seeing the benefits of this type of practice in her own body, she dove into their teachings and pursued her Advanced Yoga Certification, including Back Care and Rope Wall Certification, with Alison West at Yoga Union where she continues to learn and now teaches. She is also a Co-op member and teacher at Samamkaya Back Care & Scoliosis Collective. 

Around the same time of her studies at Yoga Union, Hess was teaching yoga to pregnant teenagers in New York’s foster care system and was drawn well into the world of childbirth. She saw immediately how yoga for back care and pregnancy went hand in hand and completed her prenatal/postnatal yoga certification at the Prenatal Yoga Center. Hess is now a DONA trained birth and postpartum doula, has completed her Midwife Assistant Training with the midwives of The Farm, is a certified childbirth educator (LCCE) trained through both Lamaze and Childbirth Education of Metropolitan NY (CEAMNY) and is a Certified Lactation Consultant.

Her teaching approach integrates all of her passions including her respect and gratitude for science and nature. And, while she continues to learn from her teachers and students, some of her favorite life lessons have come from the outdoors, in fresh air, and most probably, while riding a bike.