"NYC’s Best Prenatal Yoga Teachers Share their Favorite Moves"

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We couldn’t imagine what the birth experience would have been like without the support of Hess!
Hess came for two prenatal appointments in our home before the big day. I had taken her prenatal yoga classes for months, so knew and loved her, but the home sessions gave my husband a chance to get to know her, as well.
She is extremely knowledgable about the birth process and made sure were were completely informed of all our options (without offering her own opinions or preferences). She was always available and responsive. Hess has a nurturing and extremely positive personality which was a perfect combination of what we needed in the labor and delivery room. She helped us through techniques of pain management, positions, and made sure all our needs were met. She stayed for awhile after the baby was born to provide breastfeeding support and make sure we got the initial bonding time with our little one. We loved having Hess visit the week after to check in and see how we were all acclimating! The cherry on top is that we have breathtaking photos that Hess took throughout the labor and delivery process as a reminder of the best day of our lives!
She was a huge asset to our “dream team” and we would do it all over again!
We highly recommend Hess and ALL her services!
— With love and gratitude, Michael, Sara and Delilah Oppenheimer
I took yoga with Hess from the beginning of my second trimester all the way up through when my baby girl was born. Hess’s yoga class was the highlight of my week and the single most important contributing factor to my calm and healthy pregnancy. Hess is a gem and I feel so lucky that I found her class. Yoga with Hess is life-altering for three reasons: her personality is so encouraging, her knowledge about pregnancy and childbirth is deep and based on her real-life experience as a doula, and she effortlessly personalizes the class for each of her students. I came away from class feeling refreshed, strong, and with more understanding about how pregnancy was changing my body over time. Hess made everyone feel at ease and relaxed, which is not easy with a group of anxious first-time pregnant women.
Not only is Hess an incredible yoga teacher, she is a wonderful guide through pregnancy. She is kind, humble and talented. I absolutely loved her class.
— Elianna
Hess was an amazing prenatal yoga teacher and doula. Attending her yoga classes while expecting my first child bolstered my confidence, strength, and helped prep me for labor. I quickly saw that I wanted to extend the inspiration and focus I gained during her classes into the very magical stages of labor and delivery, and adding her to my team further encouraged me to be open-minded and well-grounded. During my twenty-plus hours of intense contractions, Hess was there for me the entire time. Using her arsenal of techniques and wealth of knowledge to support all stages of labor, she kept me progressing and reassured me constantly that I could do it—employing the same calming mantra from her yoga classes. With her help, I was able to labor at home for a day before we went to the hospital. There, she moved me through multiple positions and kept providing empowering words to keep me going. Importantly, she also gave my husband much needed breaks and always offered both of us the strength, support, and kind advice we needed—including to keep breathing! After laboring for so many hours naturally, and at the point where I was beyond exhausted and needed help to go further, my midwife suggested options to move things along and Hess supported me in every choice I made. Importantly, Hess also listened attentively when we had doubts. Her encouragement and support really helped me to have the birth I wanted, and it was a huge success. With Hess, my pregnancy, labor, and delivery was a positive and profound experience and for that I am so grateful.
— Lauren (and Arthur and Octavia), Queens, NY.
Thanks to Hess the birth of our son Mico was fast, easy and ... Unforgettable!!
Hess did an absolutely wonderful job coaching us through the different stages of labor - at our home and in the hospital. She used breathing, relaxation, massage and very effective counter pressure techniques, and guided me through the entire pushing phase! One week after birth, Hess visited the new little family, brought home-made lactation cookies and had written Mico’s birth story - what a nice personal touch!
We can’t thank Hess enough for all the support she provided to us - priceless!!!
— Steffi